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Beatriz Farland


Beatriz has been in the Health and Fitness industry for 23 years. She began her journey in the early 90’s at the age of 17, working part-time as a membership sales representative at a women’s gym. She discovered an innate enthusiasm for the art of movement and soon began her studying and training to nurture her growing passion for helping others become healthier and more fit. At the gym, she entered an aerobics contest and—to her surprise—defeated sixty other avid aerobics enthusiasts to win the competition. This early success, in tandem with a lifelong love of dance, underscored her aptitude for fitness and endurance sports and steered her decision to commit to this new calling as a career.

Soon after, Beatriz enrolled at Florida State University, where she pursued a degree in Health Education and Community Health. There she excelled in her field again when she auditioned to become a group exercise instructor on campus and won the position (teaching classes often with more than sixty participants) from among a large pool of competitive applicants. She fondly recalls the experience an “unexpected surprise” and grew into an even more confident instructor.


After graduation, Beatriz returned to her native South Florida with her degree in hand, goal in mind, and passion at heart; her career evolved rapidly. She returned to group exercise instruction in various commercial gyms, added personal training options for individual clients, and began teaching Health Education to middle school students. She next began working with high-end clientèle as a full-time fitness professional providing personal training and teaching water-, step-, slide-, and high/low impact aerobic fitness classes at the former Bonaventure Resort and Spa. Her next career expansion was into corporate fitness and wellness; she spent six years as the Assistant Manager for Motorola’s Wellness Center, during which time she honed her expertise, earned many of her numerous fitness certifications, grew in her profession, and evolved from a group exercise instructor into a genuine athlete finding a passion for running marathons, long distance biking and triathlons with her clients and friends.


Adding Pilates and Xtend in her repertoire has brought her back to her roots that got her started into teaching in the very beginning and believes it has helped her and her clients avoid many injuries and maintain a strong balance and integration of strength, proper body movement and flexibility. She believes Pilates is a form of exercise that will NEVER go away and shouldn’t. It is one of the best forms of exercise in her 23 years of experience that can be done for a lifetime. When you keep your body moving properly, you keep yourself young and living a longer, happier life.


Beatriz’s passion lies in the promotion of a community of healthy people who achieve fitness through a variety of training. She truly believes that the formula of classes she offers in her studio REALLY works. She believes that balance is the key to all happiness and health, and that sharing her passion for fitness and her knowledge of what it takes to achieve a lifetime of wellness—rather than short or intermittent periods of exercise—compels her to:


~ Provide a high level of education and instruction to each client.

~ Create a studio atmosphere that is welcoming to people of all fitness levels.

~ Achieve balance in the classes and studio environment so that clients can focus on achieving balance in the body.

~ Foster a fitness community that motivates and encourages its members to succeed—one in which every client, instructor, and staff member is part of a team pursuing the same goals of health, fitness, and happiness.

~ Most of all, Beatriz is grateful for the joy she feels when she sees her clients succeed, and she looks forward to sharing her vision, passion, and knowledge with you at StudioB.



 AFAA, Group Exercise

 AFAA, Personal Training

 RRCA, Certified Running Coach

 Power Pilates, Comprehensive Pilates:

   beginner through advanced, Pilates reformer, chair, barrel, and tower

 Power Pilates, Mat Pilates

 Spinning Instruction

 American Red Cross, CPR & First Aid

 Xtend Ballet Barre

 Books: Featured in- MO!: Live with Momentum, Motivation, and Moxie

 PMA (Pilates Method Alliance)- CPT

 Classical Pilates Education

Andrea Farrar


Andrea believes in the power of making moments amazing for all of the StudioB clients! Andrea has been teaching spinning and B Fit HIIT at StudioB for 3 years and has been a proven executive in corporate management for large companies before pursuing her passion in the field of fitness.  Andrea grew up locally and graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High School and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from FAU and a Master of Science Degree from Nova Southeastern University. Andrea has completed several half marathons and cycling events! Andrea believes in creating a fun environment filled with positive energy and encouragement for her clients to help them reach their goals!

Emily Anne Katz


Emily Anne Katz walked into StudioB in the fall of 2013 and immediately fell in love.


Emily teaches Pilates on the apparatuses, as well as mat classes. She has a special place in her heart for beginners, because she knows the courage and determination it takes to begin a new form of exercise. She also has taught children’s mat Pilates classes and loves working with them!

Emily received her degree in theatre from New York University, and has extensive training in voice and movement. She believes that everyone—athlete or not—will benefit from Pilates.

She is certified through Classical Pilates Education.

Patty Del Gaudio

Pilates & Spin

Patty is certified through Power Pilates.   She holds a full comprehensive certification, beginner through advanced, on the reformer, chair, tower, barrel, spine corrector, as well as the cadillac.


She is also certified in Power Pilates mat, beginner through advanced. Due to lower back issues, Pilates has become the core of her fitness routine, allowing her to once again enjoy running, skiing, spinning, bouldering, and climbing. She advocates that Pilates is a balanced blend of exercises that creates strength, flexibility, stability, and stamina for an overall energized, pain-free, strong body.

Elizabeth Andrade

Pilates & Core Fitness

Elizabeth started her career in Core Fitness almost ten years ago in South Florida, USA after playing several competitive sports, including Gymnastics, Track & Field, Cross Country, Water Polo and her beloved Soccer throughout her youth, into NCAA Division I at Florida Atlantic University and ultimately Semi-professional women's league in Europe.

Elizabeth thought it best to become certified in the original classical mat Pilate's method and started teaching under Taunya Foerster,PMA certified at A Pilates studio in South Florida, USA before moving to Gran Canarias, Spain where she progressed to the Reformer and several prop-based, rehabilitation mat routines.

After almost ten years as a core fitness professional, Elizabeth's goal is to combine her athelic background with her extensive teaching experience to create new exercise programs that further evolve and challenge the art of intelligent movement. As a diligent student, she understands the need for a fun and dynamic workout environment that motivates and inspires. Through her work, she hopes to incite in others her love for fitness.

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